Community-driven Health Care

Locals plan, finance and manage their own health care.

While community-based approaches tend to be ‘top-down’ efforts to involve people in a given agenda, Karma’s Community-driven Health Care is a bottom-up stimulus and facilitation for the people to become involved in through their own priorities. It empowers the community to take active/lead role of the intervention.

Community DESIGNS its own model of Health Care.

  1. Working together in developing the components of the model
  2. Helping the community in the implementation of Health care

Karma will help establish a new Community Advisory Board to make sure all stakeholders, including the disadvantaged and the forgotten, are included in healthcare management.

Community FINANCES its Health Care

  1. Municipal investment in its health care
  2. Other local investments in its health care

The municipality and the locals will be encouraged to invest in a pool to finance the total health care costs.

Community MANAGES its Health Care Delivery

  1. Strengthened monitoring of health care
  2. Strengthened management and operations of health care

Local Health Facility Operations and Management Committee will use Community Scorecard (summary displayed as Community Dashboard) to make evidence-based decisions.