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A lot of us have this desire to ‘create a dent in the universe’ by our work, to really create an impact. But let’s admit, only a few of us would be ready, if need be, to compromise immediate gains to invest for the greater good not only for ourselves but also for those who are at a greater disadvantage than us.

This call is for those who belong to this second category. If you ever felt you wanted to invest some time of your life to building something that is so revolutionary, so meaningful that it could lead to access to quality healthcare for everyone, everywhere; this is for you. We invite you for a coffee meet and we might as well work together in Karma’s Leadership Team if we agree with each other.

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Please continue reading if you want to know details about who we are; and who we are looking for.

Who are we?

Karma Health is a non-profit company that is fixated on developing health systems through which we can bring equity in healthcare delivery in under-resourced communities. We are starting with the development of a model of Municipal Health Care system in Nepal at present for the Rural municipalities (Gaunpalikas) and Municipalities (Nagarpalikas) based on public sector health facilities.

You can know more about our worldview through the Karma’s Transformational Values — that is exactly what we believe in.

Who are we looking for?

If any of these is of interest to you, it would be good to know each other.

We highly encourage you to apply if are you are:

  1. Passionate enough to understand that you will need to work hard to ensure dignified healthcare for all. Karma is focused more on bringing real changes in the healthcare paradigm and this will require unflinching passion and dedication. There is no doubt, hard work and dedication will pay off eventually.
  2. Humble enough to understand that sometimes you will face tough questions about your own work that you yourself wouldn’t know answers to. There is no doubt, we will be one of the authorities in those questions eventually.
  3. Flexible enough to understand that sometimes your work-space might not be as comfortable and schedules not as defined. There is no doubt, we will be one of the best places to work eventually.
  4. Tough enough to understand that all the interventions you work on might not yield remarkable results, and certain interventions might need to be let gone based on evidence. The important thing is to learn lessons from them and start afresh with renewed enthusiasm. There is no doubt, we will be one of the most impactful teams in healthcare eventually.
  5. Cheerful enough to understand that life is too short to worry about everything and you would rather be happy that at least you tried to make this world a better place. There is no doubt, everybody deserves a little more happiness.

How to apply?

CLICK HERE to open a form where you can apply to be a Karma Health Leader.

We will get back to you within a week. If you need any clarification please write to us at