Karma Progress Report December 2017

See our work until December 2017

Karma Health is committed to ensuring dignified healthcare for all via community-driven, interconnected and integrated and comprehensive health care.

Here are the updates of Karma Health’s work until the end of December 2017.

1. Clinical Care:

Deployment of the first physician in the Rural Municipality:

Karma Health has deployed Dr. Bishal Belbase as the first physician in Rajpur Rural Municipality. He has treated over 800 patients in the government-run Rajpur Clinic till date.

2. Community Healthcare

Approval for starting Community Outreach Program:

Karma Health has received approval for starting community outreach program in 2 out of 7 wards of Rajpur Rural Municipality.

Procurement and Recruitment for implementation will start soon.

Celebrating the contribution of Community Health Volunteers:

Karma Health actively participated in celebrating Female Community Health Volunteers’ Day.

3. Operations and Management

Management of Facility Store:

Karma Health joined hands with the government health providers to manage the medical store at the Rajpur Clinic. Also, an electronic list of available drugs was made.

4. Data Management:

Karma has not started independent data management yet.

The services provided by Karma are recorded in Government Registers.

5. Governance:

Assistance in Governance:

Karma Health is an invited member of the Health Facility Management and Operations Committee.

Karma Health provided technical assistance during the hiring of six Auxiliary Nurse Midwives for various public sector health facilities in Rajpur.

6. Financing:

Municipal contribution to Karma’s Model:

Karma will receive about USD 2,000 from Rajpur Rural Municipality. This amounts to about 27% of the budget of the first phase for Karma Health.

Karma Health’s total budget is only 6% of health care budget of the municipality.