Karma Progress Report January 2018

Karma Health is committed to ensuring dignified healthcare for all via community-driven, interconnected and integrated and comprehensive health care.

Here are the updates of Karma Health’s work until the end of January 2018.

1. Clinical Care:

Karma Health’s clinician has treated over 1000 patients till date in the Rajpur Clinic.

Starting Nebulizer and USG Doppler: Karma Health donated a Nebulizer and an Doppler fetal monitor to the Rajpur Clinic.

The nebulizer is especially useful for administering drugs against pneumonia, asthma, and chronic respiratory diseases. Many children with pneumonia, patients with acute exacerbations of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease have benefited from it.

The USG Doppler fetal monitor is used to listen to heart sounds of the fetus and the nursing staff at the clinic have found it easier than a fetoscope or a stethoscope. Also, a pregnant woman can also hear her baby’s heartbeat :-)

2. Community Healthcare

Karma Health is in the final stages of implementing outreach programs for:

a) Non-communicable Diseases

b) Maternal Child Health

3. Operations and Management

Management of Facility Store: Karma Health has started the system of weekly store evaluation and records updating to ensure all drugs essential for delivering proper care are available.

4. Data Management:

Karma has not started independent data management yet. The services provided by Karma are recorded in Government Registers.

5. Governance:

Karma Health’s staff was called to be a member of a sub-municipal Committee for Drug abuse prevention and Road Traffic Accidents Reduction headed by the local Police Department.

6. Financing:

All the necessary documents are ready and Karma Health is on its way to becoming tax-exempt very soon. This will allow us to invest even more towards building systems and directly save more lives.