Karma Progress Report February 2018

Karma Health is committed to ensuring dignified healthcare for all via community-driven, interconnected and integrated and comprehensive health care.

Here are the updates of Karma Health’s work until the end of January 2018.

1. Clinical Care:

Karma Health’s clinician has treated over 1600 patients till date in the Rajpur Clinic.

Starting treatment of Epilepsy: We were able to start treatment of typical cases of Epilepsy in Rajpur.

Added simple diagnostics: We added simple diagnostics like Urine protein and glucose.

2. Community Healthcare

Non-communicable Diseases: As a first step to ensure continuity of care for patients with chronic non-communicable diseases, we have listed patients with Hypertension, Diabetes and Chronic Respiratory Diseases in our registry.

Community Education about Filariasis: Karma Health provided Health Education to the elected officials of Rajpur Rural Municipality about Filariasis. Also locals at various locations in the municipality were provided general introduction and encouragement to take medications against Filariasis.

3. Operations and Management

Adding Obstetric Doppler Machine: A second Obstetric Doppler machine was received by Karma Health which shall be used in the facility and outreach clinics to hear fetal heart sounds.

The Auxiliary Nurse Midwife uses Obstetric Doppler to listen to the heart sounds of a fetus in a pregnant women in Rajpur Clinic.

4. Data Management:

Karma has not started independent data management yet. The services provided by Karma are recorded in Government Registers.

5. Governance:

Karma Health’s physician was appointed as the Subject Expert to provide technical assistance during the hiring of an Auxiliary Health Worker in one of the local health facilities.

6. Financing:

Substantial progress has been made towards establishing Karma Health as a tax-exempt institution.