The Dandelion Model

Interconnected and Integrated Healthcare

Nepal is divided into autonomous municipal units, providing a golden opportunity to restructure and transform primary health care.

Structural Design

The basic structure of Karma’s Model Health System is:

  1. A Major Municipal Hospital connected to several Sub-municipal Health Centers.
  2. Each health facility bridged to a specific region in its coverage area by one of the many Community Health Workers.

Multiple ‘hubs and spokes’ at different levels that are integrated into one whole, like a dandelion.

Functional Design

Comprehensive Institutional and Proactive Healthcare

Functionally, Karma’s Model Health System will include:

  1. Institutional Care: Round-the-clock Comprehensive Care from Health Facilities; Routine Focused Care from Outreach Clinics
  2. Proactive Care: Regular home-based care and Co-ordination services during Home Visits