Karma’s Transformational Values

What we believe in: know our worldview and work ethic

The Organization

Our starting team is a diverse team of young and passionate clinicians, public health professionals and advocates.

The bond that binds us together is the firm belief that healthcare as a human right should not be limited to those who are privileged enough, those who are lucky enough to be born in certain parts of the globe and those who are just fateful enough to not suffer from the risks of disease and deprivation.

We do not want to resort to unrealistic idealism that ‘healthcare for all’ is an issue which can be easily fixed, nor we will buckle with despair seeing the seemingly insurmountable scale of the problem.

And thus, we came together and compiled a set of beliefs that would appreciate and inspire transformational thought, behavior and actions to produce extraordinary results that prove the opportunity of dignified healthcare for all.

We sought the expertise of global leaders, reflected on the stories and experiences of seasoned players in the field of global and local healthcare delivery and spent a combined total of more than 300 dedicated person hours of founders to finally come up with a set of core ideals that bind us, and guide us.

Our Transformational Values is our DNA- we use it when we make decisions and when we design; when we hire (or fire), and when we get into partnerships and in everything we do.

One Fixation

We are fixated on ensuring that everyone, everywhere has dignified healthcare.

We believe everyone, everywhere deserves the right to a healthy and meaningful life. Far too often this is not the case in under-resourced societies. Lack of access to healthcare is one of the main reasons why. According to one World Health Organization estimate, 400 million people worldwide lack access to essential healthcare. And they are farthest from quality healthcare geographically, culturally and economically. Existing healthcare delivery systems fail to address this gap and rather further exacerbate this situation. We at Karma Health believe that we can create a model of healthcare that is accessible, affordable, applicable and acceptable and we are unwavering in our determination.

Ten Codes of Karma’s Transformational Values

1. We dare to dream big

Ensuring that everyone has access to good healthcare is a big responsibility. In order to do so, we must be ready to accept innumerable challenges which at first may seem insurmountable.

2. We design to scale

We know we can not be everywhere. So, in everything we design, everything we plan, and everything we do, we have scale and replication in mind.

3. We step up and lead

We believe stepping up is about putting an increased effort to take responsibility, about taking the lead when situations demand rather than waiting for somebody else to do tackle them.

4. We do it now

When trying to solve urgent problems, TIME is a resource we cannot afford to squander. We do not procrastinate; we do it at the moment. If the assigned job is not ours, we redirect it to the proper authority.

5. We build simple, efficient systems

To ensure quality with minimal resources, we build simple (but not ordinary) efficient systems. We do this by being determined to empathize, to distill and to make the offering easier to use and benefit from. We don’t hire more people or bring in more materials until we would slow down due to the lack of them.

6. We don’t stop until we succeed

We know, things will be difficult at times, and we realize we may need to get down on our knees and do the mean trivial chores that we all hate. But once we believe in something and we take on the responsibility, we commit to take it over the finishing line, no matter how impossible it may seem at the start.

7. We hide nothing

We believe transparency builds trust and is not just a legal or funding requirement. All our updates and financials, also our failures, are released quarterly.

8. We seek, and show evidence for everything

From designing Health care programs to managing people, we rely on data and evidence to guide us. Success is when we meet a milestone and failure is when we do not. It is as clear as that.

9. We value humble and passionate leaders

Working in vastly unequal and multicultural settings requires diversity in the team and humility in its members. We deeply care about the community we serve, the members in the team, and our partners and we respect them so that we make the our workplace, our communities, and hopefully the world, a much better place.

10. We believe individual growths lead to team achievements

In a team with common passions and goals, we believe, supporting our team members and partners get better helps us achieve extraordinary results as a team. After all, we are only as good as the people that make us.