Healthcare now

Inadequate, Reactive, Unaffordable and Disconnected Healthcare

There are major systematic flaws in the way healthcare is delivered. Right now, it is inadequate, reactive, unaffordable, and disconnected. Let’s take a closer look.

Inadequate Healthcare:

In majority of communities in Nepal, health care is often entirely unavailable.

The facilities that are closest to the homes do not provide adequate care round the clock care and often lack medicines or supplies.

Reactive Healthcare:

Community-based and Home-based care are virtually non-existent.

As a result healthcare is only for those who actually reach the facilities, and on time. A couple of hours might mean life or death in common childhood infections. A couple of months might mean disability or death in cases of some long standing diseases.

Unaffordable Healthcare:

Available healthcare is often too costly.

This deprives a significant proportion of the people in these societies from even basic healthcare as they can not afford costly private sector healthcare.

Disconnected Healthcare:

Healthcare is delivered in silos resulting in disconnected, dis-continuous care.

At present if a person is ill, he or she is not sure about where he/she should seek care. Once the person receives treatment at a Hospital, there is no provision of referral back to the health facility in his/her community.